The Chapter, as a college of priests who execute, together with the archbishop and the universal Church, their priestly ministry in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela by serving the People of God, has the unique purpose of being the keeper of the relics of the Apostle Saint James.

Its ordinary functions also include:

- Preparing and celebrating the liturgical acts in the Basilica.

- Solemnise Sunday and festive days.

- Celebrating on a daily basis the Conventual Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.

- Providing adequate pastoral and liturgical attention to the faithful.

- Promoting the cult to Saint James.

- Undertaking the historical responsibility of the Cathedral: origin and culmination of the Way of Saint James.

- Welcoming and encouraging pilgrims.

- Fostering historical, cultural and artistic studies related to the Saint James tradition.

Chapter of the Cathedral of Santiago

Ilmo. Sr. Don Segundo Leonardo Pérez López, Deán Presidente

M. I. Sr. Don José Fernández Lago, Lectoral

M. I. Sr. Don Manuel Silva Vaamonde

M. I. Sr. Don Antonio Suárez Carneiro, Canónigo Cantor

M. I. Sr. Don Ramiro Calvo Otero

M. I. Sr. Don Manuel Iglesias Pérez

M. I. Sr. Don Víctor Benedicto Maroño Pena, Doctoral

M. I. Sr. Don Salvador Domato Búa

M. I. Sr. Don Luis Otero Outes

M. I. Sr. Don Daniel Carlos Lorenzo Santos

M. I. Sr. Don Elisardo Temperan Villaverde, Prefecto de Ceremonias

Canónigos Eméritos:

M. I. Sr. Don Celestino Pérez de la Prieta

M. I. Sr. Don José María Díaz Fernández

M. I. Sr. Don Alejandro Barral Iglesias

M. I. Sr. Don Manuel Gesto García

M. I. Sr. Don Manuel Calvo Tojo